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The Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN) Functional and Structural Neuroimaging Calibration Study is a multisite project with the aim that investigators from major universities and around the country can collect high quality data, using common data acquisition and analysis protocols, share the data, and all work together in a "group-science" effort. Our major goal is to develop tools to make multi-site functional MRI stidies a common Research practice.

We will be using fMRI and structural imaging studies to identify, measure, and minimize cross-site variability, including developing methods to compare data sets using different magnet strengths and acquisition strategies. We will also use these data to facilitate validation and comparison of unique site-specific cognitive activation paradigms, imaging acquisition methods, and data analysis strategies, as well as develop methods to correlate multiple data sets collected across subjects and across sites

Healthy controls and patients with schizophrenia will undergo strucutral and functional magnetic resonance imaging scans using the BIRN consortium test bed protocols. The data acquired will be used to evaluate different measures of cross-site variability.

The fBIRN website can be found here.