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Corollary Discharge
blue brain

Schizophrenia is a pan-cerebral illness, affecting almost every modality, function, and brain region studied. While each symptom and function might have its own failed mechanism, parsimony encourages us to find an elemental mechanism that could be at the root of at least some of the dysfunctions observed. Our studies have focused on how dysfunction of the efference copy/corollary discharge mechanism might explain auditory verbal hallucination. We have found that dysfunction of the crollary discharge can also be observed in the somaosensory system

An efference copy or corollary discharge acts to surpress cortical responses to self produced actions such as sounds. This mechanism has shown to be dysfunctional in schizophrenia. The syncronization of neural activity preceding self-generated actions may reflect the operation of a forward model, which acts to dampen sensation from those actions.